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Area Formula

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Desarrollador Markana Sanket Shantibhai

Calculating area is a key to everyday life. From math homework to finding square footage, calculating area can be time consuming and difficult. First, you have to remember the formula. You dont remember so you search it online. Once you got the formula, you have to plug in the numbers. After that, you have to do math. At the end, you found out you forgot to carry the one, and your calculations were nowhere close.

BUT, if you have used the Area Calculator, the amount of time it took to plug in the numbers is the same amount of time it would take to get an answer with this app!

Land Survey calculator allows you to choose land survey objects and helps you to calculate the lengths,
angles and areas of these from a minimum of parameters.

Calculate Formula And Solution :

>> Triangle,

>> square,

>> rectangle,

>> parallelogram,

>> trapezoid,

>> circle,

>> ellipse.

>> cone,

For each shape type there are solution formulas and solutions itself based on an input data!